Is the performance of your critical talent impacting on the health of your bottom line?

Healthy business leaders lead to healthy profitsWith all companies constantly competing to gain market share and position, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to provide a product or service that creates a clear competitive advantage. When unique products or service enhancements do arrive to market they are quickly copied or improved by the competition.
Out-behaving leads to out-performing; however delivering this level of competitive edge requires great leadership.
Leadership within successful companies is becoming increasingly challenging due to the sheer pace of change and demands of others.
Organisations therefore need to consider how they can best support senior leaders to develop behaviours and attitudes which supports superior performance from both themselves and their teams.

If left unchecked an organisation may find individuals beginning to struggling with

  • lack of focus
  • overwhelm
  • self doubt and lowered self regard
  • less engaged, unproductive teams
  • increasing levels of absence

Martin has developed a service offer which provides flexibility for HR professionals and organisations to support their critical leadership talent to:  

1. Develop leadership capability
2. Build emotional intelligence
3. Improve overall resilience

This in turn translates to improved ways of working, increased productivity and superior performance.

Martin has worked alongside me to identify the right content for the programme and has introduced new ideas and challenged my thinking to ensure we deliver a quality product.
His depth of understanding of the retailing environment has been invaluable…
The programme has delivered some real tangible outcomes both in terms of business and individual performance.
The feedback from line managers and coachees alike has been very positive.”

Jo MackieSuperdrugLogo
HR Director – ASWatson UK (Superdrug)

To find out more about Martin’s offer and typical rates download the Fit4Business brochure here → FFB BROCHURE